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Forensic Engineer I-ENG-A Advisor, Lewis W. Ernest, PE
Forensic Engineer I-ENG-A Advisor, Lewis W. Ernest, PE

Lewis W. Ernest, PE,is a licensed civil engineer in six states and has over thirty (30) years of engineering and business management experience.  During his career, Mr. Ernest has assumed various engineering and management positions which have provided a wide range of forensic engineering experiences and challenges.  In the most recent years of his career, his engineering efforts have focused on the investigative/forensic engineering arena where he has served as Vice President and Director of Operations for two consulting engineering firms.  Mr. Ernest has used his Business Management (MBA) and engineering education as well as his involvement with I-ENG-A in the development and management of three successful Investigative/Forensic Engineering Business Units.  Mr. Ernest and his business units have been involved with over 3000 multi-disciplined case assignments for the insurance industry, the legal community and the private sector.  In his partial retirement, Mr. Ernest plans to share his business development and operational knowledge and experience in the support of I-ENG-A Member engineering organizations desiring to strengthen and grow their forensic engineering business. Mr. Ernest has served as either our Convention Chairman or Co-Chair since 2008 annually.


Elvin Aycock, PE, PLS, ACTAR, I-ENG-A Advisor
Elvin Aycock, PE, PLS, ACTAR, I-ENG-A Advisor

Elvin Aycock, PE, PLS, ACTAR,  is a Professional Engineer, Professional Hydrologist, Professional Land Surveyor, Registered Environmental Manager and ACTAR certified. He specializes in traffic accident reconstruction, hydroplaning accident cases, storm drainage flooding damage and land surveying claims. He has more than 30 years of experience as an investigative and forensic engineer.   He is certified in interpretation of the data from the ‘Black Box/Event Data Recorder’ and provides assistance to the members of the Investigative Engineers Association for cases involving these devices as well as other traffic crash investigations.  He has been performing crash reconstruction for more than 15 years and provides a variety of consultation experience on hydroplaning, roadway defects, site design and surveying for accident and general topographic surveys.  He also provides extensive experience in erosion control design and investigation of damage to downstream property owners.   Elvin has published books including “Accident Reconstruction Fundamentals: A guide to understanding Vehicle Collisions (over 200 pages)  and “Reviewing Surveys and Drafting Legal Descriptions”.   This book was written for the seminar given by Half-Moon, Inc. for real estate attorneys. It has been used in hundreds of seminars and in most every state in the US.  He has also held numerous seminars/courses on the fundamentals of Crash Reconstruction and Low Speed Accident Analysis.  Click here to watch a video with Elvin on CNN.


Thomas E. Volkmar, PE, I-ENG-A Advisor

Thomas E. Volkmar serves as President and Manager of Volkmar Consulting Services, LLC and IENGA of Charleston. He has extensive experience in materials consulting including geotechnical consulting, environmental consulting, facilities consulting, wastewater operations, property condition surveys, indoor air quality assessments, lead paint assessments, asbestos investigations, deep foundation engineering, construction materials testing, soils testing, and investigative engineering. He also has extensive experience in investigating construction materials problems during construction as well as problems encountered during the service life of structures.

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