I-ENG-A Convention 2016

I-ENG-A Convention 2016

Preliminary Agenda and Early Registration

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Atlanta, Georgia
Embassy Suites—Atlanta—Airport

Sunday, October 9, 2016

5:30 pm — 7:30 pm
Welcoming Cocktail Reception

Monday, October 10, 2016

8:00 am — 8:30 am
Welcome and Introductions

8:30 am —10:00 am
Marketing Automation and CRM Software by I-ENG-A of Illiana, Tom Burtness, PE and Neal Clark

10:00 am —11:00 am
Marketing the Legal Side
by Dr. Neil Wexler, PE, and Marianela Dominguez,
I-ENG-A by Wexler & Associates

11:00 am —12:00 pm
Marketing Workshop – Part 1
Lewis Ernest, PE, Tom Burtness, PE and Neal Clark

 12:00 pm —1:00 pm
Buffet Lunch with Ethics Presentation Video
“Ethical Issues in Forensic Engineering”

1:00 pm —2:00 pm
Marketing Workshop – Part 2
Lewis Ernest, PE, Tom Burtness, PE and Neal Clark

  2:00 pm —3:00 pm
Structural Monitoring Technology — Jason Teetaert, P.Eng.

  3:00 pm —4:00 pm
Metallurgical and/or Corrosion Cases and Q&A
Herb DeFriez, PE and John Jendrzejewski, PhD

  4:00 pm —5:00 pm
Group Exploration of Job Processing for National Accounts
Ron Dahl, CIP, NAFA Corporate



Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Accident Reconstruction – Pre-Certification Training
(8 Hours – ACTAR Credits Available)

Elvin Aycock, PE, ACTAR, I-ENG-A Advisor

A workshop for Traffic Accident Reconstruction training for those that wish to know the nuts and bolts of performing a vehicle reconstruction starting with the tools needed to inspect the scene and the vehicles. This workshop will cover many types of traffic accidents and the calculations required to determine speeds of vehicles at the time of the impact and/or at the time the vehicle started braking.

This is a workshop and all participates should bring a calculator.

Topics include:

  • Basic equipment needed
  • What information to obtain from the insurance adjuster
  • Equations used in traffic accident reconstruction
  • Determining speeds from skid marks
  • Determining speeds from vehicle damage
  • Inspecting the scene and documenting the scene data
  • Inspecting the vehicle
  • Measuring the crush damage to a vehicle
  • Calculating the PDOF (Principle Direction of Force)
  • Angle of approach to impact and angle of departure
  • Perception and Reaction time
  • Conservation of Momentum and Conservation of Energy

SPECIAL GUEST:  Sebastian Bawab, Ph. D.

Sebastian Bawab, Ph. D., has taken over the position previously filled by the late Henry F. Sadler, PE, I-ENG-A Biomechanical Advisor with
Vecdyne.  Dr. Bawab will give us an update about his capabilities and the opportunities available to us and how we can utilize his services in conjunction with accident reconstructions of all types (vehicular +).

Dr. Bawab and his team are experts specializing in computational
biomechanics – MADYMO, accident reconstruction and structural failure analysis – LSDYNA. These capabilities are unique and available to you when you send your information to Dr. Bawab and his team to complete the analysis, report, and testify for your case.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I-ENG-A – Advanced NFPA 921 and 1033 Certification or Recertification Class  (8 Hours) by Edgar K. Riddick III, PE,
I-ENG-A Advisor


As you know the leadership of I-ENG-A has tasked me to keep our training of new members, and the group at large, current to the continued tightening of the “accepted” qualifications for investigators to investigate fires.

The latest version of 1033 has added a paragraph 1.3.8 which requires fire investigators to be “current” with information etc. The problem is that it does NOT define “current”. The International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) has a teaching video on CFItrainer.com that specifically defines “current” as 5 years, and goes out of their way to say if you have not had fire training within 5 years, you will be disqualified as an expert.

I have personally interviewed a couple of of the folks that are on both NFPA 921 as well as NFPA 1033 committees on this very issue. They could not officially answer the question of what is “current”. I was referred further up the line to Ms. Debra Keeler, the Executive Director of CFI, who requested that I make an official written inquiry to the World Congress of CFI, which IAAI is a key member of and who sits on the board. This issue was brought to the floor of this organization in London, England earlier this year. The issue was not officially settled, thus there is no legal or official ruling as to what is “current”.

This is a hot topic, and will not go away.

I have recommended to I-Eng-A that our group take a conservative approach to this matter, and also advise our membership to have all of their PEs, who do fire investigation, be retrained in a 8 hour session every 5 years. Again, this is not a legal question, but it is a safe approach for you. It also is smart for you and your fire investigators to be up on the latest and newest definitions, opinions and positions, as well as any requirements from NFPA.

You can achieve this recertification by one attending the training sessions, in Fort Lauderdale, or you can attend the last day of this year’s convention, which will also have an 8 hour recertification class.

This class will not be offered at every convention.

If any of you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at (501) 666-7300.

Respectfully submitted,

Edgar K. Riddick III, P.E.,
I-ENG-A Advisor

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Members can register online at www.ienga.com, complete below inquiry form or call 844-217-6975.  Non-members should call 844-217-6975 for additional information.

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