Engineer Continuing Education

Engineer Continuing Education:
Forensic Engineering Video Library

The I-ENG-A Forensic Engineering Video Library is available for members of the Investigative Engineers Association.

Topics Include:

Accident Reconstruction
Biomechanics and Accident Reconstruction
Blasting and Vibration Damage Investigations
Building Science Investigations Inside and Outside the Building
Case Sharing Part 1 / Part 2
Case Study Two Slip and Fall Cases with Slip Meter Demo
Chimney Fire Investigations
Common Threads in the Investigative Process
Corrosion Damage Failure Investigation
Earthquake Issues The State of California and Beyond
Electrical Wire Fires from a Non-Electrical Engineer Point of View
Environmental Considerations (Asbestos/Lead Paint/Mold) During
Equipment Failure and Fire Investigations
Ethics – Ethical Aspects of the Investigative Process
Ethics for the Investigative Engineer and The Covenant of Good Faith
Ethics in Working with Experts and Associates
Ethics Panel Presentation
Ethics Session
Evidence Storage Part I
Evidence Storage Part II
Expert Witness Panel Presentation
Fire Alarm/Fire Protection Systems Investigations
Fire Investigation for Total Burnout and Burndown
Fire Investigation Part 1 Heavy Equipment
Fire Investigation Part 2 Automobile Fires
Floor Moisture Emission Investigations
Geotechnical, Foundation and Slab Investigations
Group Two Presentation Growing Your IE Business
Guidelines for Evidence Documentation Services by
Hail Damage Claims Investigations
How and When to Put Parties on Notice
Human Factors Aspects of Investigations
IENGA Community Website Demo
In-depth Metallurgical Investigations
Infrared Technology Investigations
Insurance Policy Interpretation for the Investigative Engineer
Investigation of Failures of Fire Sprinkler Systems
Joint Examination of Evidence by Babar Khan, PE
Laboratory Analysis, Evidence Storage and Testing
Lightning Strike Investigations
Marketing vs. Sales
Mold Origin and Cause Investigations & Testing
Motorcycle Crash Investigation
New Accident Reconstruction (AR) Technologies
NFPA 921 — Guidelines Fire Investigations and the Scientific
Non-Vehicular Crash Recon Firms
Part 1 Ten Steps to Break Barriers and Build Working Relationships
with Adjusters
Part 2 Ten Steps to Break Barriers and Build Working Relationships
with Adjusters
Peter Vallas Reports Short Version Reports
Pipe Loss Investigations
Product Faults and Failures Investigations
Proper Documentation of an Investigation Scene
Proper Site Documentation/Forensic Photography
Replacement Cost Estimating
Report Writing Discussion and Panel
Report Writing Part 1 and 2
Roofing Investigations and Issues
RV & Boat Refrigerator Fires & Recall Issues
Sales and Marketing of Your IE Business Group Presentation One
Sales and Marketing Panel
Sales and Marketing Panel Presentation
Short Fast Track IE Investigations
Sinkholes and Settlement Investigations
Slip and Fall Claims Investigations
Spoliation Issues
Steering Column Ignition Systems Analysis Vehicle Theft Forensic
Lock Investigations
Storm Damage Assessment
Structural Investigations and Repairs
Technical Report Writing Say This, Not That
The Art of Electrical/Metallurgical Failure Analysis
The Essence of Successful IENGA Membership
The IENGA Environmental Program
The Scientific Method for Fire & Explosion Investigation Structural
Torts for the Investigative Engineer
Upcoding & Betterment
Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
Vehicular Accident Reconstruction Case Study One
Vehicular Black Box and Air Bag Investigations

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