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    • Geographic Territories offer a strong association and affiliation with your member firms.
    • Send staff to our Forensic Engineering Training as your firm grows or provide training through our library of online training courses.
    • I-ENG-A® affiliates have an international network of member firms with whom to associate and share forensic and traditional engineering information and technology.

      Investigative Engineers Association Group Photo 2014
      Convention 2014 Group Photo
    • I-ENG-A® members have a competitive edge and a national team.
    • I-ENG-A® assists the affiliate members in attending national insurance industry gatherings and “trade shows” which are being held in or near the member firms field of operation . The award winning display booth and multi-media is made available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

      Investigative Engineers Associaition Display
      Investigative Engineers Association Display
    • I-ENG-A® publishes a monthly newsletter, “The Forensic Engineering Report”.  Members are invited to participate by publishing brief articles or photographs in the newsletter and provides tracking reports from the results of its national distribution.  Our audience consists of thousands of adjusters and attorneys across the nation.
    • I-ENG-A® members have ready access to forensic engineering research data amassed from thousands of case histories.
    • I-ENG-A® provides its members initial training on establishment of an investigative and forensic engineering practice and continuing consultation throughout the course of the relationship.
    • I-ENG-A® provides initial training in non-traditional investigative engineering aspects of claims investigation including:
    1.  Insights into the Insurance Industry
    2. The Role of the Investigative Engineer
    3. Investigative Engineering Methodology
    4. Sample Investigative Engineering Case Histories
    5. Fire Origin and Cause
    6. Accident Analysis and Reconstruction
    7. Products Liability
    8. I-ENG-A® Report Format
    9. Marketing Investigative and Forensic Engineering Services
  • I-ENG-A® provides an onsite training and marketing program including direct visit appointments to a cross section of insurance claims professionals and attorneys in the target area with an I-ENG-A® representative to help grow your business and introduce your firm as the local forensic engineering member firm for the area.
Marketing Introductions
Marketing Introductions
  • I-ENG-A® provides a confidential review service for initial engineering reports authorized by each new member. This service is intended to ensure that the scope and format of all reports meet the high standards established by the INVESTIGATIVE ENGINEERS ASSOCIATION.  As we have learned, there is a learning curve for this type of work and that is why we are here, to help teach you so you can grow in this business! Learn from our years of experience instead of making mistakes that could prevent you from receiving future assignments.
  • I-ENG-A® coordinates its forensic and investigative engineering training courses throughout the year for you to send staff, new hires or for refresher courses, as well as its national convention for which continuing education credits are awarded.
  • I-ENG-A® offers direct referrals through two sources: the Internet and our toll-free number.
  • I-ENG-A® researches qualified vendors for introduction to members.
  • I-ENG-A® arranges volume discount buying of outside services for its members and designs many items for marketing.
  • I-ENG-A® adds specialists to the Claims Support Professionals database to assist member firms with unique assignments if needed and provides its Advisory Board for consultation.


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